Friday, June 28, 2013

New Style: Papillon Knickers

Yes it's true! There's a new style available on the HCH official site and on Etsy: Papillon Knickers. The drafted pattern is similar to that of my traditional Knicker style, but with more room and gathered stitching in the seat. It's an extra-sexy style that gives more definition to your rear and is sure to attract attention.

The name "Papillon" comes from the French word for butterfly. When laid out, these lovelies remind me very much of a butterfly's wings!

Check out the three new pairs available: Lovella (featured above - dachshund motif silk jacquard, size medium), Dierdre (polka dot lavender silk jacquard, size large) and Philomena (green floral motif silk chiffon, size small).

HCH Papillon Knickers are perfect for a a sexy striptease, leisurely lounging or just about anything beyond and in between, don't you think?

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