Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Victoria Dagger in Evgenia Photographed by Alyxander Ryan

In the intensely competitive world of apparel design, it's kind of amazing to see how indie lingerie operates as its own lovely, supportive bubble. Although you need a thick skin to work in any aspect of fashion, truly, I would hardly say I have one. Though I've gotten tougher over the years, I think a lot of why I'm still in business in an industry that is known for being incredibly catty is that indie lingerie design is an amazingly supportive niche, full of designers who are passionate about not only their work, but others' as well.

I've had the amazing privilege of working alongside some truly amazing indie lingerie rockstars over the past few years. And one of my favorite local designers, Marianne Faulkner of Pop Antique, is not only an incredible corsetiere and lovely friend, but also a drop-dead gorgeous model, also known as Victoria Dagger. Marianne is full of surprises - sweet as pie, but with a photographic presence and glare that can move mountains. As I've told her before, the first time I saw her images I thought "Man, this girl is a badass and probably totally mean" and what a surprise I got when I finally met her: a friendly, talented designer with a penchant for cocktails, cats and strong hugs. Seriously!

What a treat I got when Victoria announced she'd be shooting a stocking review for The Lingerie Addict and wanted to borrow some pieces from the Tempest collection. Her friend Alyxander Ryan shot the incredible images, and as always, Marianne owns it. I love the mix of brands in this editorial, too. The colorful stockings featured are by Gio, the pink robe is by Andres Intimates and cincher is by Sparklewren. A meeting of the minds indeed! This is how lingerie is done, and this is why I love this world so, so much.

Deco Garter Belt by Evgenia. Stockings by Gio.

Stockings by Gio.

Tempest Deco Camisole, Tempest Modern Knickers and Deco Garter Belt by Evgenia.
Robe by Andres Intimates. Cincher by Sparklewren. Stockings by Gio.