Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

Thanksgiving's tomorrow, so I'll be cooking up a storm today. My husband is working on the manlier aspects of Thanksgiving Dinner, intended to pair with our pal's killer bacon-wrapped turkey. Among the hearty offerings, we're having meat-heavy stuffing, gravy from scratch, and artery-decimating mashed potatoes.

I, however (and probably unsurprisingly), am working on the sweeter side of things: yam casserole, Ukrainian apple pie and pierogies. None of it is healthy and all of it is delicious.

We did all our shopping yesterday morning and in trying to square away as much with HCH as possible before a little holiday hiatus, I lost complete track of time. Before I knew it, the sunset was lighting up our cornucopia and I couldn't resist snapping some pics.

So, a little prettiness before the insanity begins.

Happy pre-Turkey Day, everyone!

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