Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Janus Collection Editorial Shot by Kelly Puleio

Just before the holidays, photog extraordinaire Kelly Puleio came out to my new house in West Marin and shot an incredible editorial for me with mega vamp Jeannette. I met Jeannette in Portland and instantly fell in love with her look - she's confident, playful and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

Lookbooks usually demand a focus on product photography (and consequently, have less room for a ton of imagination), but editorials allow for some fun and are more about the experience than the product, so needless to say I was really excited to see how things turned out with this project. Sarah Lashelle of Pretty Parlor dreamed up and executed Jeannette's mega-babe hair and makeup, rounding out the look in a completely otherworldly way. 

We went in to the day with a really loose plan and just let the magic happen. Kelly took half the shots in my house and the other half at Five Brooks Ranch in Olema, where Jeannette turned more than a few farmhands' heads. All in all, a wonderful day. In these shots, Jeannette is wearing the Evgenia Janus collection, some of which is already available for purchase online, with more pieces landing soon. She also wears jewelry by Marrin Costello, who is an incredible artist in her own right. Check out all the shots below!


  1. obsessed!!!! Let's do that again soon!!!xoxox

    1. Definitely! I am always looking forward to our next projects! <3