Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gifted Betty Blue's Loungerie in the Lingerie Secret Santa

This post is a long time coming, but better late than never, right?

As in 2014, I participated in the Lingerie Secret Santa again at the end of last year and once again hit the jackpot with UK based Betty Blue's Loungerie! I've been admiring them from afar for a while, but what a treat to finally have their amazing work in my collection.

Betty Blue's Loungerie is retro glam at its finest, using soft, luxe fabrics to create sumptuous, vampy silhouettes, reminiscent of the screen sirens of the past. Betty Hobcraft, the brains behind the gorgeous brand, sent me a piece I was elated to finally try, the Nell Dress Slip, one of the line's classics. It's totally iconic and just as gorgeous on as it is in the photos. The refined slip silhouette in stretch satin and uber soft lace boasts a high natural waistline and sheer panels at center front and center back, a cheeky, sexy detail you don't often see in traditional loungewear.

I'm not an easy fit, with a large bust, large hips and comparatively narrow waist. What's great about this piece is that it stretches in the right spots and fits me marvelously.

As if the Nell Dress Slip wasn't enough, Betty Blue's also sent me their lingerie bag and their Agatha Eyemask, a sweet touch and extra cherry on top that just made this gift even more lovely. This whole collection came beautifully packaged and perfectly constructed. I really couldn't have asked for a more lovely treat. Thank you, Betty Blue's!

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