Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preview: Morgana Deco Camisole

Just because I lose my mind when I see pretty lace and spend my days sewing up uber-femme (and some might say frou frou) pieces, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a little morbidity. In fact, Halloween is my favorite holiday! Growing up on the East Coast I learned to appreciate the swift snap of fall, the crunch of leaves beneath my shoes and the smell of burning wood and tractor exhaust on a haunted hayride. I love fall and I love all things spooky!

So, as Halloween approaches, meet the darker side of Honey Cooler Handmade with the Morgana Deco Cami.

Morgana started as a simple sketch, inspired by some of the lovely lacey bone motif pieces from runways past. Though I'm proud of Morgana, McQueen did it best back in 2010...

Morbidity and beauty can truly be one and the same. Look for Morgana in the Honey Cooler Handmade shop tomorrow.

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