Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fashion Love Affair: Lela Rose Cotton-Threaded Tulle Dress

There's nothing quite like beautiful high-end fashion to stir up a deep well of yearning on a lazy Saturday morning.

I should preface this rest of this post by saying that I do indeed own a Lela Rose dress, purchased on the Outnet for a mere fraction of its original price. It's one of my most prized possessions and its construction and fit really do justify the high price tag. Nothing else I own looks as good on. Nothing. Naturally, now that I've tasted Lela Rose's forbidden fruit, I can't stop thinking about owning another dress. And I think I may have just found the one.

From Net-A-Porter:
Inspired by painter Gerhard Richter, Lela Rose takes an artisanal approach to FW11 with its gossamer tulle dress. This piece is intricately crafted from woven cotton and sequin panels, which craft the perfect silhouette.
If the above photos don't move you, scoot on over to Net-A-Porter to check out a video of the dress in action. The model looks as if she's being trailed by a cloud of fairy dust, and really, what woman doesn't dream of wearing something that makes her look downright ethereal and sexy at the same time?

Excuse me while I go search my couch cushions for an extra $2500.

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