Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gift Giving, Honey Cooler Handmade Style!

You: "Where is Stephanie and what has she been up to?"

Glad you asked. I've been sewing my little heart out, but not for Etsy. As it turns out, two very important people had birthdays over the past month and I was determined to knock out two very handmade and very special gifts for both of them in the space of just a few days.

The first gift was for my best friend's daughter Sadie, who just turned 4. Even though there's an enormous age gap between us, I can relate to Sadie on many levels. We both like princesses, pink, glitter, butterflies and dancing. So when her birthday rolled around this year, I knew I had to make something uber special to add to her cache of princess wear. After consulting with her mom about Sadie's favorite things, I decided that a pink sparkle tutu lined in purple tulle and topped with giant rhinestone-spangled butterfly wings would be the most practical solution to every fairy princess' problem: "What the hell do I wear for a day of adventure?" So, behold. The finished product!

The wings were by far the most fun part of this whole enterprise! If I can get BFF to take photos of Sadie in all her fairy princess glory I'll make sure to do a full-on blog post about this uber-fun piece. Sadie is already mastering the ability to turn down paparazzi photo shoots, so I wasn't able to get shots myself. As a side note, this tutu is for outside use only because the glitter tulle sheds sparkly speckles everywhere. Wish I'd known that when I bought the tulle, but hindsight is 20/20.

Next up: my husband. His birthday was this week and he's been asking me to make him a button-down shirt for years. Too scared to venture into the uncharted waters of menswear, I always pushed off the project, but this year I decided to make his dream a reality. I drafted the pattern off one of his existing shirts and got down to business sewing. It was actually a really fun project!

My husband looks amazing in his shirt, but I doubt he'll model it for me so you'll have to be content with folded close-ups for now.

My workspace is currently overrun with contractors (long story), so needless to say there will be no sewing this week. Next week, however, I plan to rock the socks off every Deco-loving person on the planet once again. I scored some lovely lightweight jacquard this week, so expect some incredible loungewear in the coming weeks.

Have you ever made a gift for someone that stretched beyond your realm of expertise or comfort? I'd love to hear about it!

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